K’Danye, also known as Kedanieh Myers, was born on the wonderful island of Jamaica. She grew up first writing songs when she was in high school. The genres she listens to most of the time is Dancehall, Reggae, Hip Hop and R&B. Her biggest influences first came from the Hip Hop scene and eventually, she blossomed and continued her path in Jamaican music.


Over the years, she molded her artistry to find the right sound and now she does Conscious and Lovers Rock music. Trying not to be confined under one genre she combined both in order to make the music that she loves. Currently, she has an EP out called “Ms. International” and a single called "Mr. Poverty" which shows how much she has evolved and the type of music she likes.

She has been performing since the year 2014 at places such as Kat’s Café, Red Light Café, Apache Cafe, The Caribbean Student Association (Caribsa) events as well as at other colleges. Her biggest accomplishments were in 2018. She was given the opportunity to perform at a stage show for the first time which was at the GT Taylor Extravaganza. From that, she was given the opportunity to open for Dovey Magnum, a well-known dancehall artist and just recently she performed with well-known Jamaican artiste Michelle T.


She is a hardworking, flexible and a quick learner, who adapts easily to new situations, possesses an uncompromising work ethic, with integrity and a positive, professional attitude. She hopes one day her music will positively influence the younger generation to dream big and that they may be future role models for future generations to come. K’Danye’s love for music is unconditional and it shows through her personality and her lyrics. K’Danye is a new force to be reckoned with.































































































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