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K’Danye has broken through the music industry, and she’s now on her way to climb the top of the music charts.

K’Danye was born Kedanieh Myers on October 6, 1994, in the beautiful country of Jamaica. Growing up, she listened to music in the styles of Dancehall, Reggae, Hip hop, and R&B, that by the time she was in high school, she started writing her own songs. It was a different K’Danye back then — timid, and didn’t like to be the center of attention. But life had other plans for her because eventually, she entered the music industry and is now one of the most famous names in her chosen niche of music.

Coming from a background rich in Jamaican culture and heritage, it was a more than comfortable decision for K’Danye to follow her path in Jamaican music as a rapper and singer. She envisioned a bright future as a Roots Reggae and Lover’s Rock Music artist, but she needed to overcome any hesitation and self-doubt. Eventually, K’Danye found her own sound — a voice that’s sublime combined with unique stylistics and emotionally evoking lyrics, and learned how to transform them into captivating ear candy.

She pushed herself like she’s ever done before to make it big in the entertainment business. Resources didn’t come to her on a silver platter, and she had to figure out a way to get started so she can finally get her name out into the world. The opportunity came when K’Danye was able to record some of her songs for the first time with the help of a college friend. She was inspired to make more music from that point onward, invested in her own equipment, and started to record in a humble closet.

Some time passed, and K’Danye met a producer while trying to get an internship. It was when she was able to release her first EP titled ‘Ms. International.’ K’Danye and the producer worked together on the project, but it didn’t make her complacent in the least. Still, she anticipated that she would have to save enough and invest further — by herself and for herself — if she wanted to be a more prominent force in the music business. By burning CDs for her EP, as well as, ‘Mr. Poverty’ she was able to set money aside for mixing and mastering.

Since 2014, K’Danye has been performing at various locations like Kat’s Café, Red Light Café, Apache Cafe, The Caribbean Student Association (Caribsa) events, and at other colleges. When 2018 came around, she became a much greater artist with a much wider influence and plenty of connections in the music business. It was also around the time that she had a chance to perform at her first stage show called the ‘GT Taylor Extravaganza’ in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. As for her successfully recorded and released singles, she has dropped the hit ‘Ms. International,’ and other singles titled, ‘Brave Up,’ ‘Mr. Poverty’, ‘Ready or Not’ and ‘Rocky No More.’

K’Danye has achieved her goal of becoming a well-recognized Musical Artist who focuses on Roots Reggae and Lover’s Rock, but she also likes to go by a creative method of exploring other types of sound. But regardless of how she mixes and matches musical styles, all her tracks are a clear testament to her individuality and her cultural roots.

K’Danye is a fast-rising dominant force in the music industry. She has proven time and time again that nothing can stop her from getting where she wants to go, despite starting at the bottom and navigating through life as an aspiring vocalist, lyricist, and performer. Her ultimate goal is for the world to hear her sound as a leading recording artist in the Jamaican-inspired music space, and help other people along the way. She wants to start by helping her family and other people in need.

With a captivating voice like hers and willpower that’s hard to beat, K’Danye and her music are definitely going world-wide.





























































































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